Post from 30.09.2018

On Saturday at half past four in the afternoon, lights went out in Curahuasi. For some hours we´re out of electricity in Curahuasi everynow and then, so nothing unusual. We are at a seminar in the hospital that has an emergency generator. Later in the evening we learn about the full extent of the accident. In the regional capital, a short circuit has arisen in a power station. There was an explosion and a fire. An entire region is without electricity. Even in Peru, most of the industry is dependent on electricity.

For hours, days, maybe weeks, the power could now fail. Companies can not continue working. Grocery retailers are losing a small fortune due to fresh goods that need to be refriedgerated.

We too have to change our routines. With flashlights and candles, the household is done.


The hospital with its powerful diesel generator is now the focal point for all missionaries. Because the 450 KW generator of the hospital is now running all around the clock. He is well audible around the hospital. All those who live near know, as long as the generator is running, there is no electricity in place. And the noise also shows that in the hospital there is still hot water, electricity, internet and hot showers for all employees and patients. Thank God.




Post from 31.08.2018
Our fourth newsletter is ready and sent by email. It is available in English or German. Whoever wants to have it, please contact us.




Post from 14.08.2018
Today is our wedding anniversary and we are happy that we have been married for 8 years.


That went well

Post from 07.08.2018

Click here for the article on the Diospi Suyana homepage:

On Saturday, a 7-year-old boy from the nearby region of Cusco appears with his parents at the gate of the hospital.
He got the rotating rotor blade of a toy helicopter in his eye whilst playing and his cornea was slashed. At the City Hospital of Cusco, the ophthalmologists state that surgery under general anesthesia is necessary to save the sight of the little boy. Actually, this must be taken care of immediately.

But it doesn´t happen this way. Someone decides at the preliminary examination in Cusco, that the small patient should first receive a special examination of the heart with ultrasound before the anesthesia. But that is not available at this time. Not the next day either. Not even after 12 days. Specialists and associated equipment are often missing in the regional capital Cusco. So, in their helplessness, his parents decide to go to Diospi Suyana Hospital with their son because the little patient is still suffering in pain.

Werner notes that the iris is oozing out of the eye and the unstable wound only temporarily closes. Immediately he alerts the whole surgical team. Thankfully, everyone can be reached and comes despite it being the weekend. Three eye nurses, an Anesthetist and an Anesthetist Nurse are added. Even if the procedures before such an operation are somehow routine for all those with many years of professional experience: before the first cut and literally with the knife in hand, we all stop and pray again. We want God to do his part to make the operation succeed, because we believe that this is His will and He willingly answers that request. There comes a sense of calm in such a tense situation. It is the certainty that God is there. It is in his hands.
After 90 minutes the surgery is over. More difficult than with a fresh injury, the tissue, which has already grown over considerably in almost two weeks, is separated from in painstakingly precision and sewn together again as well as possible and in the right way.

In the end, we are all in the team and also the parents are relieved and thankful. For the little patient, it has gone well again. He will recover well and be able to see better again.



Curahuasi, House and GarDEN

Post from 20.07.2018


We have settled in Curahuasi quite well and now want to show you some pictures of our beautiful surroundings. As a family is in Germany for 6 months, we were able to move into their house temporarily, which is near the hospital and has a wonderful garden, including 9 chickens, a rooster and ducks. We were very grateful for the help with moving and protection on the streets. We feel well and are grateful for the good missionary community here.


DriveR`S License Part 2


Post from 09.07.2018
In Curahuasi we both need a Peruvian driver's license. So Werner goes through the typical exam program,  twice. This means practicing maneuvering at 6am in the morning with a rented vehicle, to get used to the dimensions. At 8 o'clock it´s off the examination area. The examiners appeared totally relaxed at around 10 o'clock.

During the first and most difficult part, the parking, more than half of the candidates fail due to tiny mistakes, for example, if you park 5 cm too close or too far away from the line or the front or person behind you, or if you touch the boundary line of the parking lot when maneuvering with the wheel, as did Werner. This maneuver is successfully competed on the 2nd day without any errors, and he makes it through the rest of the exam
without discussion. And that, in turn, is astonishing for Cusco, as he did not make an 'auxiliary payment', as recommended twice by car rental companies, to pass the test. Whether the staff of Diospi Suyana somehow found favor with the examiners?

Anyway, we are very grateful for those who prayed for this favor - it helped us.

Sonja and Werner Keßler have the Peruvian driving license.
Finally they are there - our Peruvian driving licenses.
Sweety is driving a car.
Johanna already practices diligently ;-)



Entry from 03.07.2018
5:30 am - I'm on my way to pick up the rental car and practice again.

At 7:30 am - I´m the twentieth person at the testing ground.

9:40 (!) am - the examiners stroll in casually. Meanwhile, the whole place is full. The tension is rising. I am very grateful in this moment for many prayer supporters!

Reverse parallel parking: After the first task of the exam from the 50 cars that were there
at the beginning no more than 20 were on the site. Those who failed were told to go home immediately. I was very happy to still be in the race. The examiner was very grumpy that I used the handbrake and that my rear space was slightly less than the front.

Later, on the tour of the city: After asking the examiner to put his seatbelt on, he tried again to pretend that he was strapping himself in.

12:30 pm - I leave the exam area with the result: "Aprobado".

In the afternoon another 1.5 hours queuing at the Ministry of Transport to collect the "passed" certificate. Now the card is given in print. Yaaay.


DriveR`S License Part 1


Post from 02.07.2018
Our German driver´s license expires after 6 months, so we both did and passed the theoretical exam for the Peruvian driver's license this week.

Some questions made us smile while preparing (see photos). Here are three questions that are quite obvious ;-)

Tomorrow is my (Sonja) practical test.

I hope for favor with the examiners. The rules are very strict. You have to park in a narrow parking space and maintain an exact distance to the car in front of you and to the car behind you. In addition, the distance to a lateral line is specified.

Whilst searching of a rental car to practice in the exam, we were offered several times to buy the driver's license "through an auxiliary payment". We do not want that and therefore hope for a miracle of God!


Cusco is Walking

Post from 24.05.2018

Cusco is walking and so are we. No, not a charity run, but to protest against fuel prices. Everything that had anything to do with transport went on strike, that means, all the buses and also the taxis. Roads were blocked with stones, tires and burning bushes. It was announced that stones can fly on cars if someone does not join. What was announced the day before has led the educational authority to advise all educational institutions to cancel all classes for safety reasons. So Johanna could not go to kindergarden, but came with us to the language school. We walked for an hour one way and found it quite interesting. Here are some pictures of our trip:


WE are allowed to stay

Post from 10.05.2018

We are now something like "Peruanitos - almost Peruvians". Today we asked Migraciones if our "Carnets" are already there and: Yes! Hooray! It went faster than expected: We now have a Peruvian ID card and thus the right to stay in the country. This right is renewed annually. An step further to our service! Then: without a residence permit we could not work here. We are very glad ! Our neighbors congratulated us and called us countrymen ;-), that was nice.


One Step further

Post from 05.05.2018
Our residence permits for Peru were approved. That the corresponding ID card (DNI) will go in print, we were this week at "Migraciones", something like an immigration office. As a tourist, you can only stay in the country for a maximum of half a year.

More on the following photos. We were told that we can pick up our DNI about 30 days later.


End of the rainy season

Post from 11.04.2018

Luckily we are not out of sugar, because here in Cusco it can rain quite a lot. The rainy season may take until the end of April, but then it should be over and we can look forward to the increasing hours of sunshine during the day. Thank God it does not rain into our apartment, as it did on our first visit to Curahuasi , when the rainwater ran until under our bed.

Here are some pictures of the end of the rainy season.


Pisaq – honesty was rewarded

Post from 02.04.2018
Together with three other missionary families from Cusco we made a nice Easter trip and drove with the bus to Pisac. A
bove the city are located some old settlements of the Inca, and we wanted to hike through the landscape. To the archeological park is no entrance free for persons with a residence permit from Cusco. We live in Cusco and have requested our residence permit, the so-called DNI, quite a while before, but have not received it yet. Administrative processes take a little longer here. 2 of us 8 missionaries already have their carnet, the others not. We were said to pay the full entry of 70 Soles (17.60 €) per person. We asked for a discount and showed our documents for the residence permit that was in process.

The organization Diospi Suyana is well-known in Peru and sometimes our status as their employee opens hearts, too. But there was nothing to do. After some questions, the car park attendant came into the bus and made us the interesting offer that the whole group could exceptionally be admitted for 100 Soles admission. That sounded good. At once, the question arose in the group whether the 'reduced' admission is a bribe, which the caretaker would then put into his own pocket without a receipt, the so-called 'Coima'. 'Yes,' the caretaker admitted frankly. Such bribes are quite common in Peru. Just now Latin America is shaken by a bribery scandal of the company Odebrecht, in which many high-ranking Peruvian politicians are involved.

Back to our parking attendant. In Peru, unfortunately, it is unusual not to participate in corruption. We kindly rejected the offer with the following words: "We are Christians and we do not do that." We want to respect the laws of Peru. His answer comes as swiftly as surprisingly: "It is the Semana Santa (the holy week before and with Easter), because you are Christians, you can get in for free'.

We are happy about this change of the situation based on our intention to remain righteous. And here is something peculiar for the country of our ministry, namely that in Peru almost everything is informally negotiable. We are glad about our hike and now have the sore muscles as a reminder of the nice trip ;-).

Semana Santa

Post from 31.03.2018

For Christians around the world, one of the most historically recorded events of the ancient wolrd is celebrated in the "Holy Week": The death of Jesus Christ on the cross and his resurrection on the third day after his death.

The "Holy Week", the so-called 'Semana Santa', begins in Cusco on Monday with a procession. The patron saint of Cusco, Jesus as the Crucified One, is honored. In the year 1650, the inhabitants of Cusco hear the preservation of the city from being destroyed by an earthquake as a prayer hearing. Since that day, the crucified Christ is regularly honored with a solemn procession through the city. Since that time Jesus has been nicknamed 'Señor de los tremblores', which means 'the Lord of the earthquakes'. This naming is reminiscent of the Inca culture of giving names to its local gods, naming their, mostly local, authority.

In the Bible, we now find an even better description of the authority of the risen Christ, just as Christians around the world celebrate it. The Revelation of John in chapter 19 verse 16 describes the authority of Christ in these words: '
And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.'

Therefore, Christians can also identify with the opening words of the passionate preaching of Pastor P.M. Lockridge: He's my King.


We wish everyone a happy Easter!

Feliz Cumpleaños - Johannas Birthday

Post from 22.03.2018

Johanna had her birthday. She turned three years old and we celebrated that in kindergarten. Her wish included banana cake and waffles with chocolate. Birthday songs were sung in Spanish and in German.

Johanna wanted me to light the birthday candle in the nursery and later on three little candles at home again and again, so she could blow it out . Until they burned down. And from the song "Cumpleaños Feliz" she had an earworm (catcha song) in the evening.


retiro in Curahuasi

Post from 21.03.2018

Last weekend was a staff meeting of Diospi Suyana in Curahuasi. Theme was "The heart of a pilgrim". The focus was on three stages of the life journey of Moses in his actions for the people of Israel: first, the path without God's instructions, then the work for God and as the last part of life in close fellowship with Him. As an example of this life journey, each missionary should ask himself where he is on his way to God and where he wants to go.

This weekend, Werner was able to examine the new operator chairs on site in the eye surgery. They are already relieving the ophthalmologist Ursula Buck and we are pleased that they will be an indispensable help for many operations over the next years.

A common picture: Already on Saturday, some patients spent the night in front of the hospital door to be admitted on Monday. They can not afford the accommodation costs of about 1.5 euros in the nearby hostels and make their quarters on the sidewalk.

In Curahuasi it was pleasantly warm and the air was so much cleaner. A stay in Curahuasi is not without dangers. For example, the tap water used in cooking and washing is not chlorinated here as in Cusco and is repeatedly the transmitter of all sorts of infectious agents. Probably Werner has caught a diarrhea here. One day later, he had vomiting diarrhea and painful abdominal cramps at night. Some friends pray for a speedy recovery. Already after 6 hours pain and nausea it did go back - thank God for this quick relief.


First Day in Kindergarten

Post from 08.03.2018


For Johanna the kindergarten started this week. We are grateful that there is even a kindergarten run by a German here in Cusco. Although Johanna is already learning Spanish, in case something should be there, we were more comfortable that at least one contact person is there for you in her mother tongue. The kindergarten is in Spanish. Johanna counted in Spanish after the first morning. Johanna is looking forward to painting the entire palms of her hands with other children. Now we can focus even better on our tasks in the mornings at the language school, before we had Johanna with us in the classroom.


Our first Cuy

Post from 04.03.2018

Wow, we are now in Peru for a month! How fast time goes by! We are glad that we can get along better and better and immerse ourselves in language and culture. This probably includes the Peruvian national dish par excellence: Cuy. The guinea pigs live first with the families in the houses and thus serve as heating simultaneously. Later they end on the plate.

Guess what Jesus has on his plate in the picture of the last supper of Jesus with his disciples hanging in the Cathedral of Cusco?

We still need a bit of getting used to it, both in terms of taste and appearance. Johanna probably had no reservations nor retentions, she liked it.

In the future, we will most likely be invited to a cuy dinner even more often, because this is very common here at celebrations or church events
. ¡Buen provecho!



Post from 03.03.2018

Time is not standing still here. We are pretty busy. We are very happy that we can go to language school here in Cusco to learn Spanish well. The language school is demanding, which suits us very much. We are diligent in improving grammar, vocabulary and language skills. Despite our previous knowledge, we learn essential things every day. Johanna was with Sonja in the classroom on many days, since in kindergarten are still (summer) holidays. But coming Monday kindergarten will start for her (how exciting also for the mom ;-)).

We know that our language learning is essential for our job in the hospital and in the school. Working in and communicating information through the language is central to our ministry. We are thankful, that learning is also fun and we have the opportunity to practice every day!

guided encounters

Post from 21.02.2018

These days we wanted to visit a Christian bookstore. Yes, ok, it is a small street, but it was noteworthy that the residents standing 10 meters in front of the bookshop assured us that a bookstore does not exist here. We do not give up and find it on the second try. The owner of the bookstore tells us that she is going to the local church (Ekklesia Una Misión Cuzco), which was recommended to us by a good friend. The pastor Maja Datwyler has built a successful and recognized in Cuzco work with children from the street.

On the way back through a small side street suddenly Sonjas seat neighbour from the flight to Cusco was standing in an open front door. We have a very good conversation and she invites us to dinner for Wednesday. We do not consider these events to be a coincidence in a city with around 350,000 inhabitants and are glad about the arranged meetings.


The following Sunday we visit the church that was recommended to us, together with other missionaries from Diospi Suyana. We refuel spiritually, are impressed by the good organization and are happy about the warm hospitality.



Post from 11.02.2018

Since Thursday we are now in Cusco. First, we have moved into a ground floor, well located and large apartment. Some rooms should also be freshly painted, but that was not the case. A missionary family already living in Cusco helped us to buy the furniture the same day and invited us to dinner. That was a great help.
Back in the apartment we noticed in the evening that all the walls in the bedrooms were very humid. A smell was in the air and in all cupboards. There was probably mold in the wall as well. The old carpet and the lack of heating would prevent us from getting the bedrooms dry. The clothing in the open suitcase was clammy the next morning. The first night we realized that we need a dry apartment.
The midnight search on the Internet gave us an up-to-date insight into the market situation. It would not be easy to find an alternative so soon. For us this was again an opportunity for a prayer.
The next day we were able to look at three apartments with the help of dear fellow Christians and - thank God - then moved into one the same day! Still groggy by the last few months, this was a again a lot. But we are totally thankful for the new apartment in optimal condition on the 4th floor.
We are very happy that there are 3 more families from Germany here in Cusco at this time. For Johanna it is very nice to play with other children and we are happy about t
he good community.
On Sunday we visited a Spanish church community. Interestingly, the pastor is a namesake of Werner. We were surprised that a Peruvian is also called like that. Normally we have to repeat and explain Werner's name several times ;-).
There are still lots of things to do this week. When transporting a washing machine with a helper Werner slipped on a staircase. Such a thing can turn out bad, but apart from the shock and bruise on the hand, nothing has happened. That was a protection in our eyes thanks to our prayer support, which we are very happy about!


Peruvian authorities

Post from 07.02.2018

Yesterday we were four hours at Interpol. We waited a lot, filled out papers, got our teeth examined and gave 10 fingerprints. A power failure led to some delays. Later in the day we went to the notary for various documents and letters of attorney. We again signed many papers and gave fingerprints. We hope that there are no difficulties with our names because of our german shap "ß". It is currently hot in Lima. We do not really have clothes for such warm weather. In Cusco, it will be rather fresh, since it is at 3500 m. We´ll go there on Thursday.

We are in Lima!

Post from 05.02.2018


We and all our luggage arrived savely on Sunday evening in Lima and are now in the guesthouse from Diospi Suyana. We are here for 3 full days to do a lot of adminitrative work. Tomorrow morning at 7 o'clock we make our way to Interpol. Then some documents are to be certified. Here are some pictures of the journey. As soon as we find the time, we will write more information ...


Many donations


Post from 19.01.2018


The Eye Clinic of Diospi Suyana needs equipment. The ophthalmologists Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Künster will provide us with a so-called phaco machine for cataract operations, which will be further equipped with the appropriate ultrasonic handles donated by the company Ruck, which will help deal with certain technical problems in Peru. Mrs. Knirsch and Hans Groot of the company Bausch and Lomb will send corresponding consumables and art lenses. Mr. Lebherz from the company Geuder will donate suitable used instruments. We are very encouraged by so much great help!

Our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone, including those who are not named!





Post from 18.01.2018


We are pleased to already have many supporters of our mission and that so many are involved in our project.


Thanks to your support, since January 16 the VDM gave us the permission to leave because 80% of our needed monthly donations are collected and thus met the condition of the VDM. Many Thanks !!


We hope and pray that we will receive 100% of the coverage we need before we leave.


The flight is booked!

On February 4th, we´re off to Peru. Since other volunteers will also be arriving in Lima on this day, it is a priority for the Diospi Suyana leaders that we all, within the following days in Lima, pass together through the “administrative jungle” for all of our official documentation, such as residence permits, visas, work permits, recognition of our study credits and much more. Things are progressing rapidly now: We could finally book the flight, which we did for Sunday, the 4th of February. At 7:50 am, we fly with Iberia from Frankfurt, then have a short stay in Madrid, before it leaves at 1:05 pm for 12 hours on to Lima. There we will land at 7:05pm local time. The time in Lima is 6 hours behind German time.


Now it´s packing time

We want to move out of our apartment soon. Thankfully, we can stay for the rest of the days until departure with a friend near Heidelberg which will allow us to empty the apartment and tie up any loose ends. We are currently making many decisions; what to get rid of, what's going in the suitcases to Peru and what is being stored? It should be thinned properly, which is very challenging.

And there is so much more to do ...! But the goal is in sight!

Saying goodbye

From Calvary Chapel in Heidelberg, we have already had a formal send off and said goodbye. We have also participated and had a send off in a “Fireabend,” which is organized by the Jeschuadienst, where we have also served. We are very grateful for the encouragement and for the fact that we know so many dear people are behind us, who pray for us and help with words and deeds!


Merry Christmas! ! !

Post from 24.12.2017


The Savior was born to you and us today! We wish you a merry christmas and a marvel at the nativity scene!


Dialogue at the nativity scene


Philip was really lucky. He was a boy of 11 and could not imagine anything better than visiting his grandfather every day. His grandfather was just special. He was able to carve by far the most beautiful wooden figures he had ever seen. And Philip had already seen many wooden figures.

Now, at Christmas time, Philipp's grandfather always carved nativity figures. Philip loved watching the character emerge. First the coarse form slowly, then the hands and legs and the head and finally the formations. One could see exactly what his grandfather wanted to say with the figures. The expression of happy exhaustion on Mary's face, Joseph's caring-surprised nature, the shepherd's rush to miss nothing, the contentment of the animals, the silent adoration of the wise.


Today was a particularly difficult day at school. Philipp just had to relax - so he put his hands on the table and he put his head on it and looked at the finished figures. The warmth and relaxation did its work and it did not take long and Philipp fell asleep.


But funny, it was not long before he realized how the characters talked to each other. And they even moved. Just as he had heard it a hundred times in the Christmas story. Yes, he could hear the bleating of the sheep, the smell of the bark, and the shepherds' quick footsteps. He could not help himself, he also had to go to the stable and soon realized that he was no bigger than all the characters around him. No, they took him into his midst and he was allowed to be there live, as the shepherds worshiped in front of the child in the manger. Incredible!


And suddenly he was addressed - but not by anyone. No! The child himself talked to him as if he were an old acquaintance:


"Nice that you also come for my birthday - did you bring me something?"

Completely stunned, Philipp can hardly answer: "I - mm - you - bring something?"

"Yes," says Jesus, "I would like three presents from you."

Then the boy's face brightens and he answers zealously: "You should have everything you want. You get my new train, my book with the animals and my favorite teddy! "

"No," says the child gently, "I do not need that - I want to have something completely different from you."

Unsure, Philipp answers: "And what?"


"I would like to have your last math test"

The boy is frightened. "Jesus, ..." he stutters in embarrassment, coming very close to the crib and whispering: "The teacher wrote under it:" Insufficient! "

"That's why I want her".

Philipp shakes his head. He can not understand that. "But why?"

"You should always bring me where 'not enough' is below. Will you promise me that? "

Suddenly a glow covers the face of the boy because he understands what the baby Jesus means. "Yes, very much," he says.


"But I want another gift from you."

Helpless, Philipp looks at him: "What?"

"Your hot chocolate cup!"

Again the boy is frightened. "But I broke it this morning!"

Again the baby Jesus looks at him. Just as if he could see right down to the boy's soul. Slowly it says, "You should always bring me what has broken in your life. I want to make it safe again. Will you give me that too? "

The boy nods: "But that's a lot harder. Will you help me? "

"Yes of course. (Pause) But now my third wish: You must also bring me the answer you have given to your mother. You know, when she asked you how the ot chocolate cup broke. "

Then the boy puts his forehead on the edge of the crib and cries bitterly. "I .... I ...", he brings out with sobs under his breath: "I said I accidentally let the cup fall. In fact, on purpose, I deliberately threw them to the ground out of anger. "


No anger, no reproach, no scolding is in those eyes. Only love, understanding, helping and healing love. "You should always bring to me your lies, your defiance, all the evil you have done. And when you come to me, I want to help you. I want to accept you in your weakness. I always want to forgive you. I want to take you by the hand and show you the way. Do you want to give it to you? "


And the boy looks and marvels. And for the first time Philipp feels that Christmas is more than presents. Slowly his lips form: "Thank you Jesus! Thank you for being my savior. I want to bring you everything that I have broken. I want to bring you everything I'm doing wrong. Thank you for forgiving me. "


Then the boy wakes up and suddenly knows why God became man, and why Jesus was born as a savior.

VW is to blame ;-))

Post from 07.12.2017

Well, if that is not a Santa Claus surprise: The following email came on 6.12. from a dear friend with the subject: "VW is to blame :-)".

Thank you, Hartmut, for letting us put the email on the blog!

der schöne Passat

"Hello Friends of the Uhlandschool,
Hello dear Kesslers,

VW is to blame, that my car broke down on the way to a volunteer assignment, strictly speaking, the fuel pump of my VW Passat Variant. And the VW dealer in the Black Forest shocked me when he looked my car and could not open it again. And the service employees of VW in the Black Forest and in my place of residence Metzingen shocked me when they said that it was a damage of about 7000 € and a repair actually not worthwhile - 9 years old, 200 000 kilometers, but my Passat is still so beautiful:

(see picture)

Beim Abladen vom Abschleppwagen erfuhr ich, dass es eine Chance auf Kulanz, auf Übernahme der Kosten von VW gäbe. Da sagte ich mir, dass ich ein Drittel der Kulanz-Summe spenden würde wenn dies eintritt. Inzwischen ist klar, dass die Kosten sich netto auf 5000€ belaufen, VW alles übernimmt. Mein Auto ist repariert. Deshalb fragte ich meinen Service-Mitarbeiter, Herr Martin A. ob er ein Spenden-Anliegen hätte: Freundeskreis der Uhlandschule Neuhausen Glems e.V.. Und deshalb spende ich: 1500€ für den Förderverein und 1000€ für die Kesslers - Sie gehen als Augenarzt und Religionslehrerin nach Peru (liebe Grüße an euch!). Verbunden mit Dank für allen Einsatz!

Herzliche Grüße
Hartmut Raissle

PS: Ja, ich weiß, dass es nicht ein Drittel von 5000€ ist :-) "



Das gibt´s nicht jeden Tag, oder? Wir sind berührt und freuen uns sehr! Danke Hartmut und Danke VW!






Our first newsletter is finished and is currently being sent out. Anyone who would like to receive it by mail or as a PDF via email, can subscribe here.

It is also available in English!

About 4 times a year we will report about our personal journey and work in Peru at Diospi Suyana.

We hope you enjoy sharing in our experiences with us!

Klaus-Dieter John and Werner Tour UFSK-International OSYS GmbH in Regensburg

Post from 25.11.2017

Heidelberg to Regensburg and back.

Werner met with Klaus-Dieter John, the founder of the Diospi Suyana hospital in Regensburg, Germany to take a tour of UFSK-International OSYS GmbH, a company that manufactures surgical chairs.  At one point during the tour, Dr. John, equipped with a projector, presented the history and work of the hospital.  Mr. Scherrieble, the owner of the company, along with his wife, who was also in attendance, were so inspired by the work in Peru they decided to donate a surgeon's chair and a chair for an assistant doctor, together worth more than 6000 €!

This will spare the ophthalmologists in Peru who undertake the sometimes long and tiring operations using a microscope much suffering due to pain in their backs.


Here is the article on the page of Diospi Suyana:

Missionary preparation course

Post from 17.11.2017

We had two very interesting weeks doing
pre-missionary seminars at the VDM in Bassum.
The first week was dedicated to administration. We learned a lot about
bookkeeping and monthly reports and talked about insurance, retirement provisions, wills and powers of attorney.

In the second week, we discussed issues such as how to deal with poverty, work in intercultural teams and conflicts that may arise from it, with their possible solutions. We are now sensitized to intercultural communication and have received many tips on how to immerse oneself in a culture. We have been able to exchange views with missionaries who had many years of operational experience and those who are in the preparatory stage, such as us.
The days were packed with information and very interesting.

Our to-do lists have grown and the recommendation is that after the courses, we will have 6 months to prepare for our departure. We hope that our departure is possibly sooner and will work hard towards that end.

presentation DAtes

15.10.2017 (updated on 17.11.2017)


Photos on a big screen are great. Even more so when there is a fascinating story behind them.


We were able to tell others in private homes or at public events about our “Calling to the Andes – help for the Quechua-Indians in Peru” with lots of photos.


Perhaps you want to hear from us in your church?


We’ll happily come to You, to groups and get-togethers, ladies’ meetings, youth clubs, schools, associations, bible or home groups and to other interested groups.


Please contact us, if you are interested. We still have some available dates in November and December.


Our next presentations:

07.11.2017  get-together „Leib und Seele“ at 2:30 pm at Hermann-Maas-Haus, Hegenichstrasse 22; 69124 Heidelberg-Kirchheim



26.11.2017 Presentation and sending prayer in the morning service at 10:30 am at the Calvary Chapel Heidelberg, Vangerowstr. 51 A, 69115 Heidelberg

(this service will be in German AND ENGLISCH)


04.12.2017 Picture-Presentation at 7 pm at the Calvary Chapel Heidelberg, Vangerowstr. 51 A, 69115 Heidelberg


08.12.2017 Picture Presentation at Peru-Kreis um 7:30 pm at St. Vitus, Pfarrgasse 5 (entrance to Vitushaus is from Steubenstrasse), 69121 Heidelberg


13.12.2017 advent afternoon 4-6 pm at the Jakobusgemeinde, Kastellweg 18, 69120 Heidelberg-Neuenheim

presentation from the Keßlers
Whoever wants to be taken on a short journey to Peru should be at one of our presentations.
Sonja bei einem Vortrag; Kinder aus Curahuasi
Sonja at a presentation; picture in the background children from Curahuasi

Wanted poster – Who  is missing?



You can now find us with a short profile at the website of the Vereinigte Deutsche Missionshilfe.


Why donate to us?


The hospital and the school are offering services to the poorest of the poor. Especially for those who cannot pay for their treatments. To keep this a reality, they need staff members who are willing to contribute their abilities, time and energy without a salary. We will also work unpaid for Diospi Suyana. You too can be our “employer” and make our ministry in Peru possible. In this way, our work will be your earnings, too.

Steckbrief Familie Keßler

We are preparing for our work at Diospi Suyana.

at the breakfast table, with Ursula
At a past meeting at the breakfast table, with Ursula.




Yesterday we had a discussion at our place with the husband and wife who found the hospital, Dr. Martina and Dr. Klaus-Dieter John. (They are pictured on the book cover) The Chairman of Diospi Suyana, Olaf Böttgar and the Eye Doctor and Director of the Eye Clinic in Peru Ursula Buck were also present. After a few canapés and friendly conversation around the dinner table it was time to continue to plan the Eye Clinic. It was a constructive conversation and we could pray together.


What else?

  • Werner is working a lot at the moment and there is hardly any time for anything else.
Werner at work in the Eye Clinic in Ludwigshafen
Werner at work in the Eye Clinic in Ludwigshafen
  • In October, we are at preparation seminars from the VDM in Bassum. We are completing an administration course and a culture course.
  • The trip wants to be planned.
  • We continue to learn Spanish…
  • And close down our household step by step
  • We are planning photo presentations and are writing newspaper articles etc. (Is anyone  talented at writing and putting texts together? Feel free to get in touch!)
  • We are looking for supporters for our living costs and companies for donations for the Eye Clinic in Peru.

A month of work at Diospi Suyana in Curahuasi

Post from 16.08.2017


November 1st, 2016. After 30 hours of travel we arrived in Cusco at 3300m altitude. Johanna changed the language on Mummy’s mobile to Polish and made a call to Brazil from the hotel phone ($6!) We visit the Cathedral in Cusco. On the photo with the evening meal scene there is a Cuy (Guinea Pig) – a national dish – on the plate in front of Jesus.


We make our way to Curahuasi.


Werner’s first op in Curahuasi is an Ectropion operation under local anaesthetic. Sonja was with Johanna at the School. The drive with Moto-Taxi to get there was exciting because the streets are extremely bumpy and sometimes only small bridges which lead over deep graves/gaps. (Click on the photos to enlarge them)



Sonja teaches a class alone and had a lot of fun doing it. Completely in Spanish – that was challenging. Johanna was there too.


Tuesday, 8.11.2016


Today we have an extended operation day and start with Werner’s second op here in Diospi Suyana, a double Entropion operation on a 5-year-old boy under anaesthetic. (See the above picture) The boy has suffered from birth from a double Entropion resulting in scarring to the lower third of the Cornea. It rubs and he can hardly open his eyes. The operation begins with a delay of 50 minutes, which is normal here – there is only one anaesthetist for 3 operating departments. The operation and the anaesthetic go well.


The next day: Our small Entropion patient is happy and well with good eyelid placement. He is travelling home with his Dad to the region of Puno. Here is an Article from Diospi Suyana. We go for a walk with Johanna, visit the 5 Alpacas on the hospital grounds and meet a tarantula on the way home.


Monday, 21.11.2016:


On the program today for Werner is an operation on an ill-treated, 9-year-old Quechua boy. His Father is an alcoholic. The severely deteriorated lenses only allow minimal sight. It isn’t enough for School anymore. Fortunately, the family showed up to the operation. The Father had called off a planned trip to Lima for an operation from a specialist on the day.


As well as the health and sight, the custody of the child are also at stake. The parents agree to the operation. The boy is successfully operated on in one sitting, on both cataracts and receives clear artificial lenses. During the operation, it becomes clear that the lenses and the attachment have been changed through damage and scarring from beatings to the face. The brother is also blind, presumably due to the same ill-treatment. The next challenges are to keep contact with the boy and the family and the follow-up care.


Sonja supports a grade 1 class in Maths and takes a grade 2 class by herself. There are 28 students with all their unique characteristics.


Werner operates on a 25-year old patient with cataracts using an especially gentle operation technique. Whilst climbing on a power pole as an 8-year old, he was electrocuted. Since then he has become completely blind. He will be able to see again in the evening after the operation.


At a village festival, the Hospital has a stand “No to alcohol – yes to life” with the eye doctor Ursula Buck. Sonja and Johanna help with selling Chicha morada – a tasty alcohol free drink and handing out flyers.


25.11.2016 The patient who was electrocuted can see and is pleased. He can work again. (Click on the photo to enlarge)

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How it all began.

Post from 12.08.2017


Werner hears for the first time on TeenStreet 2011 from a colleague working as a children’s doctor in a Hospital in the mountains of Peru. The wish to work in an environment with believing colleagues, grows every day. The idea is kept in mind. In 2015, our daughter Johanna is born and we plan two parts of maternity leave. One part is planned for November 2016. We know and support Daniel Menjivar with his street children project Cedeinfa. We want to visit him and help. In November the wet season has ended in El Salvador. A good time to travel.

It plays out differently.


Autumn 2015: We pray and ask God how we should use this time in November 2016. Werner thinks about the possibility to work at Diospi Suyana. There is also a school there! A friend of Sonja gives us a book. She thought of us the whole time she was reading it. We should read it. The first time in many years that she lends us a book without knowing what we have been thinking about. It is a book by Klaus John, the founder of Diospi Suyana. It is the story of the start of the Hospital. We don’t believe in coincidences.


A plea to God.


At the end of December, we ask God for confirmation, whether we should go to Diospi Suyana in Peru in November. We plan to go the mission congress in Offenburg on New Year’s Eve. We know that Diospi Suyana will not be represented, because it isn’t a missionary society. We know however, that God can show us where he would like to have us. In accordance with Judges 6,36-40 we ask God, our Father in Heaven, for a second sign at the Congress.


The double confirmation.


We visit the congress on 31.12.3015. Right at the beginning a particular stand interests us. An employee of an assistant service gives us information and brochures about her work. The woman works with Muslim women, that have fled from difficult family situations and have had to go underground in Germany. At the end of the conversation she asks us what we are planning. We mention that we are looking at going to Peru, to Diospi Suyana. The answer is prompt “Ah, I worked there until a few weeks ago” she said. “Then it’s clear where you will go” und takes our flyers back. We are surprised and pleased. We keep going. Werner chooses the second stand. The Director Mr. Finger explains what the abbreviation VDM stands for and what his mission society does for the missionaries. Werner is surprised at the level of organisation. We find the possible support and services very good. Mr. Finger tells us his own story. In closing he asks us about our plans. “We are thinking about going to Peru to Diospi Suyana” is our answer again. Mr. Finger directly replies with “we are the mission society that send the missionaries there. Aha. We are astonished. Not even half an hour has passed and God has nudged us twice in the direction of Diospi Suyana. Wow. We also receive further confirmations in prayer.


The application for a short-term assignment.


We apply as a family for a short-term assignment for the month of November. Sonja wants to work in the School and Werner in the Hospital. The rejection comes soon after. Klaus John answers that we can go and observe. 5 days. In addition, Sonja needs a language level of C1 and Werner B1 to work. We wouldn’t have that by November.


After the rejection, the acceptance.


We were disappointed but didn’t want to leave it there. To observe for 5 days, flying 12,000km, 2 days of travel there and back with a 2-year old child. It doesn’t seem that sensible to us. We still want to work there. B1 is achievable for Werner. So, we write a second time that we could imagine coming later, staying longer and working there.


We get the OK. We send our documents to Peru. Werner will be registered with the medical association and we book flights.


At Diospi Suyana


We have a good time and experience confirmation during our stay, that this is a place that we can be a part of. It is partly difficult to get used to the new standards and situations. The air is still very thin for us. Werner is suffering from diarrhea. The efficiency is considerably reduced. Despite this we experience that we are “right” to be here. The welcome is warm. There are great colleagues that take their responsibilities seriously, to serve the poor. Werner can care for young patients with his specialist training, particularly doing cataract and lid surgery. Sonja has the opportunity after only a short time to work in the school and is very pleased about this. More about this in another post.


Back in Germany


After our return, we give ourselves time to listen and to pray. We really want to know what Gods plan is, if he would like to have us there.


The next steps: Diospi Suyana and VDM


At the end of April, we have a conversation with Diospi Suyana resulting in the acceptance to work there. Now we need a missionary to send us and a support circle, that carries the financial side. We apply with the VDM. The acceptance comes in August 2017. The preparation seminars are unfortunately not until October. The recommended timeframe between the seminars and departure are 4-6 months, for us it is only 2. The time is conceivably short. We desperately need God’s grace and support so that it all works out. We have consciously given the control to God. Yahoo! Juhuu!

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